With the desire to create perfect, high quality products to satisfy customers. Every member of Aix-Tex follows and works according to the process. Every step of building a website, customers have the right to feedback and add new ideas about the design until the product is completed. Progress and quality is what we absolutely adhere to in every project!

We offer a professional website design service package, with a layout designed on demand, a specific price suitable for your purposes and needs! With scientific and professional web design process, each of our products will have:

    • Reasonable costs.
    • Short completion time.
    • The quality of the website is secured.
    • Designed according to demo interface requirements, website ideas according to customer requirements.
    • The web interface is compatible with PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile devices.
    • All Source Code is handed over after completion, customers have full rights to use the website.
    • Enthusiastic support during the use of products provided by Kan-Tek.