The design of a mobile app needs professionalism, dedication, thoughtful advice, 24/7 support, and especially a complete application with 100% accuracy.

Come to Aix-Tex, where you have a lot of experience in app development as well as app design:

    • Apply advanced technology and apply the latest trends exclusively for customers.
    • Mobile applications running cross-platform, multi-operating systems such as Android mobile applications, iOS mobile applications, …
    • A dedicated technical consulting team to ensure the greatest benefit belongs to customers.
    • Customer information security and copyright protection of customers’ mobile applications.
    • Ensure that the application always runs stably without problems, there is always a technical team to assist in upgrading or modifying the mobile app.

We always use the latest technology, but easy to use, synchronize with your company data, synchronize between mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Let us help you increase brand awareness with the mobile app, increasing sales by up to 40%.

We are always in the back to support your company, business or individuals who need to design mobile apps:

    • Enterprise Information Apps.
    • Product Information or Catalog Apps.
    • Online Shopping Apps.
    • Online Ordering Apps.
    • Lookup Information Apps.
    • News and Reading Apps
    • Human Resource Apps/ Task Management Apps.
    • Sales Management Apps.
    • Booking Apps/ Scheduling Apps.