But the effects can be fatal when the nitrous oxide is replica

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purse replica handbags The potentially deadly balloon ‘drug’, notoriously inhaled by Tottenham and England star Kyle Walker last year, is fast becoming the number one legal high for many clubbers.The ECHO last month revealed how peddlers are seeking permission to lawfully sell dangerous laughing gas on the dancefloors of Britain’s bars and nightspots.Our further investigations have discovered that dealers have spotted a legal loophole that bizarrely allows the nitrous oxide, fired into party balloons in canisters and breathed in as the balloon deflates, to be sold to customers.But, they are banned from selling their product if they know the revellers will not be using the legal high solely for medical reasons.Entrepreneurs in Liverpool have contacted council licensing chiefs asking for legal approval to set up business in nightspots.And we have learned that sellers emphasise the substance is used legally in the dentist’s chair and by chefs who use it to whip cream when making high end replica bags desserts.The balloon drug, which retails for just a few pounds, gives the user a sense of euphoria and light headedness likened to heroin or crack cocaine.But the effects can be fatal when the nitrous oxide is replica bags from china mixed with oxygen, while regular use leads to a vitamin B shortage, possible nerve damage and problems walking.Hippy high quality replica bags crack is a party favourite at high replica bags many of the UK’s summer festivals with empty discarded gas canisters often left littering fields and music arenas.An MHRA spokesperson said: “Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas as it is commonly known, can carry serious long term health risks such as brain damage for people who best replica bags use it for fun.”We would like to highlight the health risks associated with the recreational inhalation of nitrous oxide. Hypoxia can occur which may lead to replica bags loss of blood pressure, fainting and even heart attack. These risks are likely to be increased if the exposure to the gas is combined with alcohol or other drugs.”Any retailers selling or supplying an unlicensed medicine containing nitrous oxide for inhalation purposes, or allowing it to be supplied other than in accordance with a prescription, are in breach of UK medicines regulatory requirements. purse replica handbags

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