You can refer the process of designing website of Kan-tek – New Jersey Web Design Company to get visualization of all the steps in the process of designing website and building it, step by step:
Step 1. Customers prepare content and pictures
When intending to design one website, customers should be prepared content and images that you want posted to the website, so we will have the basis to design better, more beautiful, more quickly.

Step 2. Register the domain name and server rental
Registering a domain name is the first thing to do, private domain name confirming the location of your website, help customers to find your website and protect your business’s brand on the Internet.
Webhosting is space on a server which has installed Internet services, you can hold the site content or data on the space. Customers choose domain names for websites (For example
Selection web hosting packages suitable with the website.

Designing website, step by step

Kan-tek – New Jersey Web Design Company can help you designing website for your business.

Step3. Get the requirements, Note the requirements of clients, focusing on the content:

  • Noting the request of the website features
  • Noting the art requirements of the website
  • Noting the request of domain name and host
  • Kan-tek will advise for more features based on the actual requirements of the customer

Step4. Designing Website

  • Set up interface structure, price, time
  • Design interface templates
  • Customers choose the interface that best satisfied them
  • Using the interface customer chosen to design website

Step 5. Guide customers use and manage website.

Step 6. Maintain website
Your website after construction should be regularly updated. Thereby, the customer can see the development of your company. Kan-tek – Somerset NJ Webdesign Company will assist customers in the use and management website.


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